• If you have long hair, please ensure it is securely tied up when you come to attend your appointment. Especially ear piercing-related appointments. Loose hair can get in the way a lot and can contaminate skin that has been prepped for piercing which makes it extremely difficult to work around.

  • Please keep in mind that you will NOT be allowed to bring anyone with you into the procedure room, if you arrive at your appointment with someone accompanying you, they will be politely asked to remain outside and wait - This is to limit and prevent distractions, so we can prioritise safety effectively in a professional and clinical environment. The only circumstance that would be an exception, is for a parent or guardian legally needing to accompany a minor. 

  •  If you have young children, please leave them at home. A busy studio is not an environment suitable for children & therefore they will not be permitted into the procedure room and they can not be left unattended in reception. We do not allow pushchairs into the studio for safety reasons. No exceptions. 

  • Make sure you have eaten within the last four hours & ensure you are properly hydrated. A drop in blood sugar levels can sometimes result in piercees feeling faint or unwell. It may be a good idea to bring along a sugary snack, particularly if you have felt faint and unwell when having a piercing in the past.

  • Consider any holidays or events you may have coming up, which could hinder your ability to properly maintain your aftercare routine, it may be better to postpone until after your holiday. 

  •  Lifestyle, consider your lifestyle :) - Do you regularly go swimming or play rough sports? What is your profession? Do you need to wear a uniform, protective face masks, helmets for sports, motorcycling or stethoscopes regularly? These may all be things that you will need to consider carefully when it comes to committing to healing a new piercing. If any of the above examples sound like you, it may be best to hold off booking your piercing appointment and wise to book an anatomy consultation first so you can discuss with your piercer and highlight any concerns.