- Jewellery fitting and piercing placement are 100% anatomy dependant & we reserve the right to refuse fitting jewellery or piercing a placement if the piercer feels it is inappropriate, not suited to the individual anatomy or unlikely to heal well. If this is the case, the piercer will usually advise and quite often can offer many alternatives. 


- In order to adhere to health and safety protocols, we will not in any circumstance fit or pierce with any jewellery that has been sourced outside studio.


- Something that is aesthetically pleasing on one person may not necessarily look the same on another, due to anatomy varying greatly from individual to individual. Some styles/pictures found on the internet are also unfortunately very often not realistic in terms of suitability or practicality. Some images are photoshopped too. But don’t worry that's not to say you can’t have something aesthetically pleasing and well suited to you. 


- Rings. Quite often we are asked if we can pierce with a ring, usually very small and thin. Unfortunately in most, if not all cases, it is not possible to fit rings this way in an initial or healing piercing. For a piercing to heal correctly, it requires suitable jewellery of size and shape, which can provide stability. (Petite rings can usually be fitted once successfully healed). Piercings done with rings initially, for example a “Daith” the jewellery will most likely need to be quite large in diameter in order for it to be anatomically suitable and heal well.


- Please take into consideration that we aim to offer a safe and professional piercing experience only, refusal unfortunately can quite often be met with offense, this is never intentional, you the client are number one priority. Anything advised by the piercer is with you and your wellbeing in mind at all times. We want you to have a safe and professional experience, we do not want to offer a service that may unnecessarily put you at risk or potential to cause you problems. 



- All clients are offered an aftercare check up appointment 2-4 weeks post piercing. Aftercare appointments are not limited, you can come in for check ups as frequently as you like. 


- Aftercare. All clients will be given a leaflet with their specific jewellery information and aftercare instructions, you will also be sent an email with links to aftercare information as well, please read and follow thoroughly. 

- We advise cleaning your piercings with sterile saline wound wash only, please do not use anything else such as, abrasive antiseptics, Dettol, tea tree, aspirin or the like. Saline is gentle and non disruptive, which works great. Ignore shoddy advice and quick fix suggestions sometimes found on the internet, it causes more harm than good.


- Downsizing. You may need to come back for a shorter post. Piercings may swell initially, therefor it is appropriate to fit jewellery that is a little longer, once swelling has subsided, to ensure the piercing is getting the correct stability to heal, jewellery should be downsized to prevent jewellery that is too long to cause any future problems. 


- Check your attachments are secure. Often, we use threaded jewellery for piercing. It is not unheard of for jewellery to become unthreaded over time. It is good practise to check your jewellery is threaded securely at the end of each cleaning routine twice a day. We do not accept responsibility for lost jewellery. After you have left the studio, it is your responsibility to ensure aftercare is properly followed and your jewellery is secure. 


- If you have any concerns or encounter an issue, experiencing symptoms of problematic healing, make a check up appointment promptly. We are here to help your piercing heal every step of the way!