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BOOKING FEE - Booking fees are taken as a prepayment and are strictly non-refundable. No exceptions, nor any gestures of goodwill will be given. The booking fee is NOT a deposit, the booking fee secures your chosen appointment slot and covers the cost of admin, the service charge (piercing fee) and allocated time slot.

APPOINTMENT AMENDMENTS - Amendments to your booking can be made up to 6 hours before your appointment time. You can make edits to your appointment online 24/7 and this is accessible through the original confirmation email that you received upon completion of your booking or by logging back into the booking system with the contact details you originally provided. Cancellations will result in the loss of your booking fee.

ARRIVING ON TIME - Please ensure you arrive on time and aim to arrive a couple of minutes early, as our appointment times do run back to back and are time-limited, which means if you do not arrive on time to your chosen appointment slot then you may be disappointed to find that you no longer have the time that is necessary remaining to be able to have the services you desire fulfilled. Arriving late more than ten minutes will result in the loss of your booking fee. We cannot accommodate attendees who are late more than this.  

ONE IN ONE OUT POLICY - We operate on a 'one in one out' policy, Meaning you will not be able to bring anyone with you to your appointment. If you do arrive at your appointment with someone accompanying you, then they will be politely asked to remain outside and wait. As we have such a small waiting area we are unable to accommodate any extra persons not attending an appointment. The only circumstance that would be an exception, is for a parent or guardian legally needing to accompany a minor. Read more on age restrictions here.

ACCESSING THE BUILDING - To access the building you will need to press the intercom button at the door, and wait before a member of staff can let you in. We kindly ask that clients do not attempt to force the door.

CHILDREN - If you have young children or additional children to a child that you are bringing in to get pierced, we kindly ask that you leave them at home.

We only have a small waiting area and a busy studio is not an accommodating or suitable environment for multiple children. They will not be permitted into the procedure room and they can not be left unattended in our reception.


Due to having steps to the entrance of the building and glass cabinets in our reception area we do not allow pushchairs into the studio for safety reasons - No exceptions.

I.D - Valid I.D is always required regardless of age. We cannot provide piercing services without this. Arriving to your appointment without valid I.D will result in your appointment being cancelled and your booking fee retained by Jade Alexandra Piercing. Check what you need here.


JEWELLERY PURCHASE - Jewellery is to be purchased separately on the day of appointment and is not included in the service charge. Our most affordable jewellery starts at £25.00

JEWELLERY PURCHASE BREAKDOWN - Due to the nature of professional body jewellery, in order for it to be universally compatible with different styles and placements, jewellery is made up of components, which are charged for individually. 

For example:

1 x Titanium Labret (Post with fixed flat back disk) = £15.00


1 x 3mm Titanium ball attachment = £10.00

Total £25.00

JEWELLERY INTEGRITY - All jewellery used at Jade Alexandra Piercing are made of verifiable materials suitable for human implant. In order to adhere to health and safety protocols we will not in any circumstance fit or pierce with any jewellery that has been previously worn or sourced outside of studio.


JEWELLERY FITTING AND PLACEMENT - Jewellery fitting and piercing placement are 100% anatomy dependent & we reserve the right to refuse to fit jewellery or piercing a placement if the piercer feels it is inappropriate, not suited to the individual anatomy or unlikely to heal well. If this is the case, the piercer will usually advise and quite often can offer many alternatives. 


RINGS IN FRESH PIERCINGS - Quite often we are asked if we can pierce with a ring, usually very small and thin. Unfortunately in most, if not all cases, it is not possible to fit rings this way in an initial or healing piercing. For a piercing to heal correctly, it requires suitable jewellery of size and shape, which can provide stability. (Petite rings can usually be fitted once successfully healed). Piercings that can be done with rings initially, for example, a “Daith” jewellery will most likely need to be quite large in gauge and diameter in order for it to be anatomically suitable enough to heal well.


JEWELLERY LOSS - We do not accept responsibility for loss of jewellery or attachments, jewellery coming out or piercings healing over.  Once leaving the studio, it is the piercee's responsibility to ensure jewellery attachments are secure each day and that they do not remove their jewellery whilst the piercing is still healing as part of their commitment to following proper aftercare advice and protocols. 

Jewellery losses or any accidental/deliberate damage are not covered by manufacturers' guarantees.

JEWELLERY RETURNS/EXCHANGE - For health and safety, all Jewellery purchased in studio or online through our online store is strictly non-refundable and non-exchangeable.

JEWELLERY QUALITY GUARANTEE - Jewellery retailed by Jade Alexandra Piercing comes with a warranty from the manufacturer. All Jewellery is guaranteed for one year from the date of purchase, most of our manufacturers offer their guarantee for a lifetime. So this means that for as long as you look after your jewellery and it is not mishandled or mistreated. The craftsmanship is guaranteed not to be defective, Allowing you piece of mind of its quality.


General wear and tear or loss of jewellery/attachments are NOT covered under manufacturers warranty.




  • To be pierced in a hygienic environment by a clean, conscientious, sober piercer wearing a fresh pair of disposable medical examination gloves.

  • To be pierced with a brand new, completely sterilized single-use needle that is immediately disposed of in a medical Sharps container after use on one piercing.

  • To be touched only with freshly sterilized and appropriate implements, properly used and disposed of or re-sterilized (where appropriate) in an autoclave prior to use on anyone else.

  • To know that piercing guns are NEVER appropriate and are often dangerous when used on anything — including earlobes.

  • To the peace of mind that comes from knowing that their piercer knows and practices the very highest standards of sterilization and hygiene.

  • To a have a knowledgeable piercer evaluate and discuss appropriate piercings and jewelry for her/his individual anatomy and lifestyle.

  • To be fully informed of all risks and possible complications involved in his/her piercing choice before making any decisions.

  • To seek and receive a second opinion either from another piercer within the studio or from another studio.

  • To have initial piercings fitted with jewellery of appropriate size, material, design, and construction to best promote healing. Gold-plated, gold-filled or sterling silver jewellery is never appropriate for any new or unhealed piercing.

  • To see pictures, be given a tour of the piercing studio, and to have all questions fully and politely answered before making or following through on any decision.

  • To be fully informed about proper aftercare, both verbally and in writing, and to have continuing access to the piercer for assistance throughout the healing process.

  • To be treated with respect, sensitivity and knowledge regardless of gender, sexual orientation, race, religion, ethnicity, ability, health status or piercing choice.

  • To change her/his mind, halt the procedure and leave at any point if the situation seems uncomfortable or improper.


  We at Jade Alexandra Piercing will not in any circumstance tolerate the use of offensive, abusive, hateful or sexually inappropriate language. We will exercise the right to refuse service to anyone who is insulting or demeaning towards our staff in any way. Any unwanted physical contact made towards staff will be reported to the police immediately. Any attempts to stalk, intimidate or harass staff either in-person or through social media channels will be documented and we will exercise the right to take appropriate action and report to the police.


We expect clients to:

  • Treat staff members with the courtesy and respect that we all deserve.

  • Respect our studio policies and professional boundaries.


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