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All successful bookings will receive confirmation via email or text to the contact details provided, with a convenient link for you access your appointment details online and make any amendments if needed. New clients will also be sent an additional email prior to appointment with details explaining everything you need to know in preparation for the attendance of the appointment. Please look out for this.  


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We are a private studio and operate on an appointment only basis, with a strict one in one out policy.  As Jade is the only piercer and will likely be with a client, she can't realistically be in two places at once which means that we are unfortunately unable to accommodate a walk in service for any of our piercing services including jewellery browsing or to give prices and/or assist with jewellery purchases.

You will need to book an appointment to have Jade's full attention and expert advice.

You can book yourself in easily and conveniently by clicking the book now button below.


  • All clients are offered an aftercare check up appointment 2-4 weeks post piercing. Aftercare appointments are not limited, you can come in for check ups as frequently as you like. 


  •  Aftercare. All clients will be given a leaflet with their specific jewellery information and aftercare instructions, alternatively aftercare instructions can be found here.

  •  Downsizing. You may need to come back for a shorter post. Piercings may swell initially, therefor it is appropriate to fit jewellery that is a little longer, once swelling has subsided, to ensure the piercing is getting the correct stability to heal, jewellery should be downsized to prevent jewellery that is too long to cause any healing complications/future problems. Read more about downsizing here.


  •  Check your attachments are secure. Often, we use threaded jewellery for piercing. It is not unheard of for jewellery to become unthreaded over time. It is good practise to check your jewellery is threaded securely at the end of each cleaning routine twice a day. We do not accept responsibility for lost jewellery. After you have left the studio, it is your responsibility to ensure aftercare is properly followed and your jewellery is secure. 


  • If you have any concerns or encounter an issue, experience symptoms of problematic healing, make an aftercare check-up appointment promptly. The earlier it is seen, the better chance your piercing has of overcoming any issues. We are here to help you heal your piercing every step of the way.

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