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Identity-affirming Piercing

more than just an adornment


Whilst a piercing can be purely for aesthetics or to simply enhance one's beauty, getting a piercing can also be really empowering and in some circumstances a healing experience for the individual. Whatever the motivation, we absolutely support and honour your choice as an individual to exercise your right to make a statement-making claim over your bodily autonomy. Here at Jade Alexandra Piercing, we understand that a piercing is so much more than just an adornment, it can be a right of passage, a motivation to honour and love oneself, to reclaim and affirm the right to simply choose, to affirm a gender identity, to reclaim ones body after suffering trauma, to remembering someone special or just to make a simple statement that says today I choose to do something for me, because I want to, because I deserve it and express that you don't care what others may think.


We know an adornment can be an incredibly sacred and empowering symbol to the wearer and we consider it an honour to assist you on your journey as you navigate through your experience of life.

With love, with dignity & with purpose, always...

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