The Jewellery we use, our training, sterilisation and processing practices.

Ethical piercing, Exceptional Jewellery

Here at Jade Alexandra Piercing, we only provide and pierce with the highest quality of jewellery, from world leading manufacturers we know we can trust.

We are proud stockists of some of the best body jewellery from all around the world and offer the largest selection of fine body jewellery in Durham and surrounding areas.


Official Stockists of industry leading body jewellery brands such as, Industrial Strength, Anatometal, BVLA, Body Gems, Auris and many more.


Jewellery offered and retailed by us are made of verifiable, safe, biocompatible materials.

We offer Jewellery in: ASTM F136 Titanium, ASTM F138 Stainless Steel, 14ct and 18ct gold.

Most of our jewellery comes lifetime guaranteed against defects, so you can truly rely on investing into beautiful jewellery, that genuinely does embody master craftmanship to stand the test of time.

As a dedication to continually evolving and keeping up to date, our piercer attends the United Kingdom Association of Professional Piercers educational seminars annually, attending classes on anatomy, jewellery standards, skin prep and many more.

Renews all First aid certifications, CPR training routinely.


Bloodborne pathogen training annually.


Sterilisation & Processing

Body Jewellery and piercing equipment are sterilised in Medical grade Autoclaves, which are tested daily onsite and biologically monthly by a third party laboratory.

Everything is sterilised after first being cleaned thoroughly in designated ultrasonic cleaning machines. Sterilised Jewellery and equipment are stored in vacuum sealed pouches or are transported into the procedure room via portable tray directly from our autoclaves. 


Piercing consumables and procedure technique

We use the highest quality hypodermic needles made specifically for piercing, single use and discarded of immediately after piercing. All other procedure consumables, such as gauze, skin marking implements, dressings, cotton swabs and topical skin prep packs such as chlorhexidine, iodine and saline swabs are all completely sterile and single use.

Piercings are preformed using an aseptic technique, meaning we do not touch anything that is outside of the sterile field and have implemented things such as a no touch bin, hydraulic foot operated bed, hands free wash basins and sterilisers uniquely equipped with portable tray so asepsis can be maintained throughout.

The studio is equipped with UV sterilisers on every floor.


Our piercing procedure room has the added benefit of HEPA air filtration, as does our dedicated sterilization and processing room.