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Pricing and services explained

Here at Jade Alexandra Piercing the service charge includes:

  • An exclusive appointment slot, with an average of 30 minutes. This gives peace of mind, you can take your time picking out your jewellery, ask any questions you may have, fill out our digital consent form and have your personally selected jewellery sterilised there and then with our state-of-the-art sterilization equipment prior to your procedure, all without having to feel under pressure or rushed for time.

  • An educated and skilled professional piercer with over 10 years of experience to safely execute your piercing with hypodermic needles explicitly designed for body piercing and correctly install your jewellery. 

  • Enclosed private piercing room, presented in a comfortable and clinical setting.

  • Free Consultations

  • Personalised aftercare advice with an aftercare leaflet including your specific jewellery details and post-piercing aftercare check-up appointments providing continuous piercing care should you need it.

  • Free Anodization (Titanium & Niobium jewellery purchases only)

  • Completely sterile and single-use, disposable set-up for your piercing procedure. 

Jewellery Prices

Since our jewellery collection is so vast and complex it is not realistically possible to give exact prices for piercings including jewellery on the website in all combinations and possibilities.

This also means that because the of the complexity and the quality of the jewellery we use we are unable to include the cost within the service charge and therefor jewellery choice will affect the overall total cost of your piercing, so please bare this in mind when booking your appointment. 

Prices for jewellery can be found on our online store and are also given in person in the studio.


Due to the nature of professional body jewellery, in order for it to be universally compatible with different styles and placements, jewellery is made up of components which are charged and paid for individually as shown in our pricelist break down.

Our jewellery at a minimum is premium and made to the highest standards in the world of verifiable medical implant grade materials available to the industry today and come hand polished to a mirror finish. All Jewellery comes backed with a manufacturers guarantee against any manufacturer's defects from a year to a lifetime depending on the manufacturer.

We stock options in highly polished titanium, authentic Swarovski zirconia, synthetic opals or natural stone cabochons in bezel and prong settings to fine and luxury designer jewellery in solid 14ct & 18ct gold, semi-precious stones and genuine diamonds.

Jewellery options can usually range from £25 to £300+

Please see guide below.

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Jewellery Guide


Titanium Balls - £10+

Titanium posts/basic components - £15-£35 (see above)

Titanium shapes - £20+

Titanium CZ/Opal/Gemstone Bezels/Prong settings - £25-£45

Titanium Clusters -£50-£200

Titanium Rings - £25-£200

Titanium Clickers - £150-£300


Gold balls - from £50+

Gold posts/basic components - from £100+

Gold shapes & Un-gemmed clusters - from £60+

Gold Gem attachments - from £60+

Gold Decorative rings & Clickers - from £100+

Gold options will vary in price depending on current market, carat, size, gemstone/detail and brand/company.

Service charge

Your service charge not only covers the cost of your appointment, but it is good to understand that it also covers the cost of all the "behind the scenes" elements of your piercing experience such as:

  • Your piercer's time and wage

  • Annual education and conferences

  • Annual bloodborne pathogen training

  • First aid & CPR training 

  • Insurances

  • Website

  • Aftercare Leaflets and office supplies

  • Admin & appointment booking software

  • Disposable sundries, such as needles, gloves, skin prep and remaining piercing supplies needed to perform your piercing

  • Medical-grade disinfectants and cleaning supplies

  • Medical-grade Autoclaves and sterilisation equipment

  • Hepa Air filtration & UV Sterilizers

  • Annual servicing of equipment

  • Licensing

  • Rent & rates

  • PPE

  • Biohazardous waste disposal

  • APP & UKAPP memberships

  • Daily helix testing 

  • Monthly Spore testing

  • General maintenance

  • And of course all the other general costs (too many to list) of running a business.

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