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Pricing and services explained

Here at Jade Alexandra Piercing the service charge includes:

  • An extensive and dedicated appointment slot: with an average of 30 minutes. (Allowing you peace of mind to have fun picking out your jewellery, ask any questions, fill in the digital consent form and have your personally selected jewellery sterilised there and then with our state-of-the-art sterilization equipment prior to your procedure, all without having to feel under pressure or rushed for time.

  • A dedicated, educated and knowledgeable professional piercer, whom has over 10 years of experience execute your piercing safely with piercing specific hypodermic needles and correctly install your jewellery. 

  • Enclosed private piercing room, presented in a comfortable and clinical setting.

  • Free Consultation

  • Personalised aftercare advice, aftercare leaflet including your specific jewellery details and support of lifelong piercing care.

  • Aftercare check-up appointments post-procedure. (As many as needed or wanted.)

  • Free Anodization (Titanium & Niobium jewellery purchases only)

  • Completely sterile and single-use, disposable set up for your piercing procedure. 


Ear Piercing

Ear Piercing, from lovely lobes to a variety of popular cartilage piercings.


Service cost between: £25-35


Jewellery purchased separately, our most affordable jewellery starts at £25, prices for jewellery given in person in studio.


Facial Piercing

Facial and oral piercings, be it an Eyebrow - Lip - Nostril or Septum. 

Service cost between: £25 - £35.

Jewellery purchased separately, our most affordable jewellery starts at £25, prices for jewellery given in person in studio. 


Body Piercing

Body Piercing. Navels - Nipples - Dermal anchors & Surface piercing.

Service cost between £25 - £50

Jewellery purchased separately, our most affordable jewellery starts at £25, prices for jewellery given in person in studio.

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Jewellery Prices

As we have such an extensive jewellery collection, it is not realistically possible to give exact prices for piercings including jewellery on the website.

Jewellery choice effects the overall total cost of your piercing, so please bare this in mind when booking your appointment. 

Prices for jewellery are given in person in studio.


Jewellery options can usually range from £25 to £300+

Jewellery at a minimum is premium, verifiable medical implant grade titanium backed with lifetime guarantee against any manufacturers defects.


We stock options in highly polished titanium, authentic Swarovski zirconia, synthetic opals or natural stone cabochons in bezel and prong settings to fine and luxury designer jewellery in solid 14ct & 18ct gold, semi-precious stones and genuine diamonds.