A real human owns this business đź’•

Hello to the lovely person reading this! I'm Jade the Piercer and Owner of Jade Alexandra Piercing and this is my humble journey!

I was born December 1992 and such an inquisitive knowledge seeking Sagittarius I indeed am! I have always lived local to Durham, much like a hobbit I am endearingly fond of this shire, I may venture out in the world but I always love the green welcome of Durham when I return, its just home.

I began my career in 2010, I apprenticed under Lee from LLCooltatts initially as an aspiring tattoo artist, I had always been artistic and creative and Lee gave an opportunity I am still so thankful for today. I didn't become a Tattooist in the end but it was how I got my "foot through the door" in this industry!

I was a recent care leaver, estranged from my family and back then apprentices in tattooing did not pay anything, I found myself trying to pursue an industry I was inspired by whilst also being in financial difficulties trying to run a home on my own and support myself. At the time I had a support worker named Bert Moutter, from a charity known as DISC. I expressed to him that I wanted to learn body piercing, something I could do additionally to my apprenticeship as a means to generate a self sustainable income. Bert helped me apply for a grant with another charity to pay for a course. - Unfortunately these kinds of charities no longer exist due to government funding cuts, however its super important to me to give credit and remember how important these charities and wonderful volunteers are and to most of all not to lose sight of where I started!


In 2011 I enrolled on my body piercing "course". The first piercing I ever did was a tongue! And it was from there that piercing became the love of my life.

Naïve and brains brand new, equipped with a so called piercing kit, I believed that after completion of my "course" that I had been given all the tools and knowledge to start a career in piercing, believing a certificate and piercing kit meant I knew what I was doing and oh boy was I wrong! Whilst the experiences under my belt have taught me all the does and don'ts, Today I would strongly advocate that anyone wanting to become a piercer to avoid piercing courses like the plague! I honestly had to completely relearn everything I had learnt at the course and basically self taught myself everything I now know today!

I worked in numerous studios over the years, each of them I learnt valuable lessons, not only as a piercer, but in business too.

From 2014 to 2017 I worked in a busy city centre studio, it was around then that I really started to become aware of the importance of often overlooked aspects in piercing and I began a process of realising that these were things I needed to change such as jewellery materials, jewellery surface polish, proper healing processes etc - Piercing is really not as simple as most perceive! I had really began to evolve, perfect how I did my piercings and procedures,  everything from how jewellery effects healing, proper skin prep, all I wanted to do was flourish and keep perfecting and to continue educating myself.


However despite my best efforts,  my position in the studio at the time greatly hindered my ability to evolve in other aspects & I had to accept that not everyone shares the same ethics and visions of growth that I had for the future. Why change something if its working? I understand that mentality, but it's not a mentality I shared, then or now. I would always think to myself, but if you know can do better why wouldn't you want to make sure your doing it? Don't you want the best for your clients? Why not improve your standards if you have the knowledge and means? It didn't sit well with me, that I knew my answer deep down and working for somebody else meant I was limited, I didn't have control. 


When met with resistance, its time to propel forward into something greater!

I asked myself an important question one day, "Well, do you believe in yourself" and my answer was yes, I do! So with my answer I left knowing the next and only step for me was to run my own business, where I could make all of the decisions, invest in what I want to invest in, take responsibility for the direction I wanted my piercing services to go in. I knew it wouldn't be straight forward or easy, but it would be worth it knowing my heart was in the right place and that what I was doing wasn't in pursuit of money or any shallow means, it was because I wanted to be integral above all else. Because that was what really mattered!

At the time I had also not long lost both of my parents and admittedly, it was terribly frightening to leave a job where I had financial security, to pursue my own business. I had nothing saved up, nobody to help me, just £350 and some self belief! I remember when my first quality jewellery order arrived and the feeling of excitement looking at the difference in quality to what I was about to use in comparison to that which I had been limited to using previously is a feeling I will never forget. So shiny I could see my face in it. I was going in the right direction, jewellery should be high quality, made of the correct biocompatible materials, this was it there was no stopping me now!

I spent a couple of years learning, saving, investing, the ups and downs of business, adapting, growing. Not only was I evolving into the piercer I wanted to be, but I was evolving personally too, dedicated spiritually to become a human being who leaves the world better than she found it. The journey of life and it's tests of faith, what is lost is also gained. So many transformational chapters!

In 2019, after looking for new premises, I met Sue and Chris, who are the owners of BuzzinGuns, they had the perfect space within their studio available for my business to trade from. Not only that, they were business owners who shared the same ethics and dedication to evolving, integrally that I did! I have nothing but love and respect for them. It's an incredible Studio, every day is a joy to come to work and run my business from.

In my personal time, I love learning, reading books, expanding my consciousness and being in nature. I am quite partial to a cup of tea in my garden on a morning listening to the birds before I start my day. I am blessed to have a wonderful partner, eclectic but wonderful home, a lovely little dog called Poppy and I share my life with four mischievous sphynx cats; Xena, Terra, Ruby and Daisy. Much to be grateful for.

I am thankful for all of life's lessons, to all my wonderful clients old and new, for the trust love and support. It's my sincerest dedication that Jade Alexandra Piercing continues to evolve with love and integrity. I haven't just grown it, it has also grown me.


Thankyou all for being a part of my journey and for allowing me to be a part of yours, even momentarily.


Love Jade xxx